Why Sundrift


SunDrift Hard Candies are a throwback to a traditional, old-school, candy.


They come in a variety of great-tasting flavors: Classic Butterscotch, Black Cherry, Summer Watermelon & Deep Cinnamon.

Fast Effect

Unlike traditional gummies, our candies dissolve in your mouth and are absorbed under the tongue, for a faster, subtle initial effect.

"Sundrift Effect"

As the candies are gradually digested, savor a bright, balanced, better high, with the plant’s full cannabinoid profile working in harmony. We call this the “SunDrift Effect”.

Our Candies

A little spice is nice: This not-too-hot treat is made from natural cinnamon oil. If you don’t mind a little heat, try these cinnamon hard-candy edibles from SunDrift.

NANO Hard Candy

100mg - 20pc | 25 mg - 5pc

Deep Cinnamon

Sweet and refreshing, our Summer Watermelon hard-candy edibles remind you of an August picnic.

NANO Hard Candy

100mg - 20pc | 25 mg - 5pc

Summer Watermelon

Bright fruit notes and dark tannins combine in this hard candy from SunDrift. It’s a great flavor to savor!

NANO Hard Candy

100mg - 20pc | 25 mg - 5pc

Black Cherry

Can you taste nostalgia? Everyone remembers the smooth, rich taste of classic butterscotch. One of the all-time great tastes is now available as a cannabis edible from SunDrift.

NANO Hard Candy

100mg - 20pc | 25 mg - 5pc

Classic Butterscotch

SunDrift to Sleep with the sweet taste of strawberries and cream. Our fast-acting, dreamy cannabinoid blend of sleep-inducing CBN, CBD, and low-dose THC, will have you Drifting into dreamland.

Cannabinoid Blend of CBD, CBN, and THC

100mg - 20pc | 25 mg - 5pc

Drift to Sleep – Strawberry Cream Hard Candies
Honey Lemon Ginger

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      Our Mission

      To build a truly differentiated, category-leading craft cannabis brand that’s easily consumable while advancing sustainable practices, enabling wellness, and furthering social justice.


      “I am wondering how and when I can get more candies, they seem to be the only product that helps my legs at night.”

      “SunDrift is the perfect high 11/10 times”

      -Consumer, Rebecca P

      “I gave one to a friend who had a recent ‘not great’ edible experience and he said ‘wow, that is the perfect edible high’.”

      – Consumer, Jovan R

      “Love your cannabis infused hard candies. I found watermelon and cinnamon candies @ The Pass in Sheffield. Can you tell me where else in Mass you sell these?”

      “Just happened to find you @ The Pass in Sheffield and LOVE LOVE LOVE your hard candies!”

      “Stopped in to the dispo and the guy let me try out the cinnamon and it tasted great. Where else can I find these?”


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